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Providing Light Weight Mirror and Metrology Needs

We offer light weight mirror blanks, mirrors and metrology services to a wide variety of industries. Our company has the technical expertise along with low cost and short delivery time. We are part of a small niche community that has developed dependable products and services and have attained several clients who depend on us.

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Ensure your project has the light weight blanks or optics necessary for success. Consider Hextek as your next cost effective and reliable supplier.



When you need a powerful alternative to interferometry and more measurement capability, consider us for all your precision metrology needs.


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Whether for ground, air or space based systems, light weight borosilicate glass  offers an economical way to attain a high performance optical system.

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Improve your research operations with the optical mirrors and metrology services from Hextek Corporation. Our Tucson, Arizona-based optics company was incorporated in 1986, employing a novel approach to the problem of manufacturing large lightweight substrates. Since 2011, our capability has expanded to include optical finishing. This year, we've introduced the Hextek Surface Profiler to enhance our optical finishing capability and offer third party metrology services.

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We've dedicated our company to focus our efforts on our customers, because we specialize in custom designs for a single or multiple unit production quantities and are capable of meeting fast delivery schedules. Our products have been selected and deployed by the Department of Defense, Department of Energy, NASA, aerospace companies, universities, and international organizations for use in remote sensing, laser fusion, imaging, laboratory, telescope, and metrology systems.

The owner of our company has a history of being involved with the University of Arizona and others in developing large lightweight optics. With this experience, Hextek continues to offer a combination of light weight substrates and optical finishing for a reasonable cost and schedule.

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