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Hextek Surface Profiler

Hextek Corporation now offers, as a service, the capability to measure optical and non-optical precision surfaces using the Hextek Surface Profiler (HSP). We offer a fast, precise and repeatable service unique to the industry. Our non-contact metrology system has multiple capabilities built-in that other companies cannot offer. Our services are for people need metrology assistance today.

Current State of the Art

Measuring precision surfaces using surface profile methods have been around for many years. The two primary surface profile instruments are coordinate measuring machines and swing-arm type profilometers. These devices offer a potential, powerful alternative to interferometry with lower measurement cost and faster turnaround. The downside is that large surface area measurements taken with mechanical systems require considerable motion of the mechanical components that make up the device. Particularly, when testing in the optics industry, the addition of mechanical motion is unwanted. Introducing unpredictable mechanical errors into the surface data is a drawback for accurate optical surface metrology.

The Hextek Metrology System

Current state-of-the-art profilers handle motion related mechanical components problem by capturing large arrays of measurements followed by demanding mathematical processing. The HSP was designed from the beginning to minimize the size of these arrays and reduce the need for complex and intensive mathematics. This difference keeps manipulation of the HSP's raw data to a minimum, while leaving a truer representation of a surface. We've achieved this by using a combination of proprietary both mechanical and optical. The result is a level of accuracy and repeatability that rivals and exceeds that of other systems. There is a significant departure between the Hextek Surface Profiler and other existing profile measuring systems that allows our services to characterize a surface to the level of 15nm RMS in a production environment.

The design concept for the HSP allows it to be used in tandem with grinding, polishing, and figuring. This streamlines manufacture with an ability to track and evaluate the progress of a precision surface during production without moving the part. This is possible because the Hextek Surface Profiler is integrated into the optical production equipment. The power of the HSP system not only allows for fast and extremely accurate surface measurements, but a capability to measure unique asymmetric profiles that other systems cannot.


The Hextek Corporation of Tucson, Arizona offers surface measurements using our own proprietary measuring system, the Hextek Surface Profiler (HSP). Measurements are done with the surface pointed zenith. It is advised that the customer supply the substrate to be measured in the final mounting fixture/configuration to be used. Hextek can design and build a holding fixture if requested. Note that unlike for optical testing based on interferometry, no other special tooling such as custom mirrors, lenses, test plates or holograms are required. Below is a list of features and capabilities for the system.

Available Standard Measurements

» Surface Maps to 15nm RMS » Clear Aperture Radius of Curvature (Power) to 0.2%
» Vertex Radius of Curvature to 0.2% » Surface Departure from Best Fit Sphere
» Conic Constant of Best Fit Conic » Spatial Frequencies Down to 2mm


» Current Envelope Size 150 to 1500mm
» 225kg (Upgradable)
» Geometries: Round, Triangular, Square, Rectangular, Asymmetric Polygons/Shapes

Substrate Materials

» Glass, Glass Ceramics » Metals » Graphite
» Ceramics » Granite » Composites

Surface Types

» Finished Optics Coated / Uncoated » Diamond Turned
» Specular / Non-Specular » Solid / Semi Solid / Porous
» Continuous / Discontinuous

Overall Surface Configuration

» Plano » Concave / Convex
» Aspheres / Complex Aspheres » Freeform / Conformal
» Segmented » Stepped

Specialized Measurements

» Adaptive Optic Systems » Print Through
» Mounting Fixture Effects/Displacements » Replication Mandrel & Replicas